#837 It's Science!

My daughter Christine had another beautiful baby boy. His name is Leo and he is just a month old.  Christine reminded me today of something I have written about and talked about a great deal.   That is, that the world is nothing but a big mirror reflecting back to you the face you bring it every day.

I believe this wholeheartedly and have described experiments I have personally conducted to bear this out but did you know that it is science?  Seriously, this whole world reflecting back to you thing is in our DNA; it is hard-wired!

Christine reminded me that the first milestone for a new baby, the very first thing he does that you can recognize is his authentic smile.  He does it when you smile at him.  It is the very first deliberate action your new baby takes and it comes in response to seeing you smile!

The reflective smile is truly in our DNA and although some curmudgeons may try to bury it, you need to trust that it’s in there.

So lead with a smile today and remember that the world is actually hard-wired to reflect back to you the face you bring it every day!


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