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The Undeniable Power of Developing Your Sales Gene

There has been a shift in the power of information. Where buyers once relied on salespeople for knowledge about the product or service they were buying, the balance of knowledge has shifted. Buyers now know more. So what differentiates one sales company or one salesperson from another? What are the components to success in a marketplace that is rapidly reducing sales professionals to order takers? Great relationships and long term loyalty.

Frank Somma is a certified practitioner of NLP, the communication science that made Tony Robbins famous. He has taught audiences in varied industries how to gain instant rapport, build great relationships and create customers for life. Frank’s energy is infectious and his techniques are quickly absorbed and immediately usable. Your attendees with walk away feeling confident they can find and close more sales, build better relationships and hold on to existing clients in a time where vendor loyalty is ephemeral at best.

A few of the learning objectives

  • Replace cold calls with referrals

  • Be personal in a digital world

  • Close more sales

  • Be well thought of and respected

  • Gain trust quickly

  • Reduce competitive pressure

  • Be invited in more

  • Attract business instead of chasing it

Your people will leave this meeting absolutely energized; carrying and talking about ideas they can use and feeling better about your company and their career with you and they will thank you for investing in them.

Heard on NPR Radio: "Today I listened to a great motivational Speaker, Frank Somma.”


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“Frank delivered a powerful, inspirational, and very relevant program that both delivered our message and highlighted his talent as a premier sales and motivational speaker. Thank you for all your efforts and we look forward to your next engagement with our team.”



The Workshop

Frank’s sales seminars are also uncommon and dynamic.

As a certified practitioner of NLP, his training centers around the belief that people do business with people they like and with people they trust. The focus is on developing their sales gene which means learning to be more engaging, persuasive, trustworthy, and professional. He does this by combining the rapport and communications science of NLP with 40 years of his own sales and sales learning.

“I have distilled years of learning and practice down in to value packed workshops that I guaranty will keep your team engaged and give them tools and techniques to find and sell more new business and cement long term customer loyalty.”


Frank usually does a series of several workshops over a period of time. Some of the things he covers are:

  • Understanding the types of language people use

  • Negotiating

  • Professional sales acumen

  • Personal responsibility

  • Networking

  • Staying motivated

  • Instant rapport

  • Staying connected

  • Common rapport mistakes

  • Listening

  • Questioning; types and timing

  • Calibrating facial and body cues

  • Overcoming objections