One on One Coaching


In an Amazonian world where one can practically point and click to buy a luxury yacht, salespeople need to be exceptional communicators in order to be trusted enough to shepherd a client through the buying process.

  • Buyers no longer rely us for information; Google trumped that.

  • Buyers are no longer limited to a few local choices, globalization trumped that.

Without the ability to build instant rapport, deep trust, and long-term relationships, you’ll be relegated to bottom feeding, where price is the only differentiator.

That’s where I come in. I’ll teach you to set yourself apart.  I’ll teach you how to be well-liked, well-thought of, well-respected and relied upon.


I am a certified practitioner of NLP, (neuro-linguistic programming), the science that vaulted Tony Robbins to fame. I combine 40 years of sales and sales leadership with this great science to help you to outperform internal and external competition.


Some Areas I Cover

Exceptional communications coaching.

I will teach you the NLP techniques that will help you to gain rapport with even the most difficult people on the planet (or in your office)

Setting, following and achieving goals.

We will quantify your dreams and visions and break them down to manageable bites and give you a system that assures achievement.

Planning and structure.

Do you feel strung out?  Are you “All over the place”?

We’ll untangle the knots and clear the many distractions and obstructions that get between you and a productive flow state each day.  You’ll learn to attract business rather than to randomly chase it.


Packages & Options

FREE FIFTEEN: Schedule a free 15-minute zoom call with me to talk about what you think coaching can do for you and to see if we are a fit.



Six Month Commitment

This plan is great for someone just starting a new gig or someone who hasn’t done much goal setting or planning. This plan works well if you feel that you need structure and accountability. Each call is 45 minutes.

We’ll examine EVERYTHING. We will start at the very beginning to evaluate where you are, decide where you want to go, set sales and income goals, and create a rock-solid plan to get you there. We’ll meet (via Zoom) three times in month one to create the structure and then twice per month thereafter to confirm expectations, inspect achievement and remove any obstacles that are taking you off plan.



Three Month Commitment

This plan is great for someone who feels a bit “all over the place.” Do you get to the end of the day or week and wonder where the time went? Do you feel like you’re constantly interrupted? Do you spend your days going from email to text to phone and back again, without an opportunity to accomplish important tasks? Each call is 45 minutes.

We will create a sales plan and structure that works in your environment. We’ll work in day-tight compartments of productivity that will allow you to accomplish twice as much in half the time.  We’ll meet (via Zoom) weekly in month one to create and build the habit muscles you’ll need to keep the time thieves at bay and develop laser-like focus on the most important tasks that will bring you success.

We’ll meet twice monthly thereafter to see what’s working, make adjustments, and stay accountable.



Month to Month Commitment 

This plan is more of a mentorship. You’ll answer some questions on our pre-call form and we I will develop an agenda for the call based on those answers. Each call is one hour.

This plan is great if you want to review a project, if you’re looking to change jobs, get a promotion, negotiate a raise, or need advice on dealing with a difficult boss or employee. You may want to learn to a better sales structure, CRM management, networking techniques, communications training in specific areas, or quick moves you can make to fill your pipeline and spike sales now. You may need to spitball ideas or issues, confidentially, with someone who has no stake in the outcome.



Month to Month Commitment

This plan is for CEOs, business owners, partners and other senior management folks who need to discuss sensitive subjects with someone who has no stake in the outcome

Who can you talk to about difficult employees, partners and decisions? Who can you turn to for communications techniques to manage those relationships and non-partisan advise to help you make those difficult decisions? Most everyone in your inner circle has a horse in the race. I’ll listen without judgement and share the techniques you’ll need to help you to gain clarity in tough situations..