#838 Some Things Never Change

First of all please remember to hold a place in your heart this Veterans Day for all who have served our country.

Today’s Blog:

I am exhausted with people telling me how everything has changed and how we cannot do business like we used to.  I’m worn out with the idea of a new economy that I need to adjust to now.  I’m tired of the dozens of columns I see every month about selling today vs. yesterday.

I’m tired because it didn’t just change while I was in the shower.  Change is constant. Thirty years ago people said “Everything is different now.  You can’t sell like you used to.”  And they were correct.  Twenty years ago, and last week, someone said, Business is changing at a more rapid pace than it used to and you’ve got to adapt to keep up.”  And they were right. 

I’m worn out because this isn’t a new concept.  People act as though the change today is somehow different and more significant.  The fact is that it has all been changing under our feet forever.  I’m not talking about the flavor of the month technique that you need to get on board with but technology is certainly ever-changing and influencing every aspect of our business. 

Whether you participate in webinars, stream educational videos to your phone, or meet with your group via Zoom, you have evolved with the changes.  Some evolve more quickly than others but we all get there eventually.  In the meetings I attend I don’t see anyone taking notes with a quill pen.

What hasn’t changed is human interaction.  It’s true that people take less time with one another, and are susceptible to more distractions today, but the interaction, the physical meeting, has not changed in hundreds of years.

People still want you to maintain and open posture, make eye contact, listen actively and give them all of your attention when they’re talking with you.

Great communicators understand that while technology advances at warp speed, human evolution is glacial. They employ time-tested physical, emotional, and vocal skills to be well liked and well thought of.

In an Amazonian world where I can practically point and click to buy a luxury yacht, don’t you think these are important skills to master?

A year or two from now texting may give way to a quicker technology and Facebook may be supplanted by something not even conceived yet, but tomorrow and the next day and the day after that, people you meet will form an impression of you by what they see, feel and hear when you meet and if you learn and employ the skills needed for superior personal interaction, you will be light years ahead.

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