#859 Six Great Tools

Six tools great salespeople use to close more business, create stronger relationships, and ensure long-term customer loyalty.


1.    They ask questions

2.    They actively listen

3.    They face you without getting distracted

4.    They ask deeper questions

5.    They listen some more

6.    They offer GENUINE compliments

I could have titled this post, “Six simple tools to improve your marriage.”

Or, “Six tools of well-liked people.”  Or, “Six easy ways to get anyone to like you instantly.” or “The top six tools of charismatic people.” Or, “Six ways to be well remembered after your next business mixer.”  Or “Six tools of great communicators.”  Or, “Six ways to become irresistible to him/her.”

I could go on…

Today, more than ever, these simple steps can make a huge difference.

Remember this little acronym from Dr. Rob Gilbert; the radio station everyone is listening to is MMFG AM. (Make me feel good about myself) And the way you make me feel good is by listening to me without formulating a response midway through my thought.  You do it by looking at me instead of one of the ubiquitous screens that seem to hang in every available space.  You do it by ignoring the damn phone while we’re talking.  You do it by smiling or frowning at the appropriate time during our conversation.  You do it by finding something you genuinely like in what I’ve said and pointing it out.

You do it by showing real interest in what I’m saying rather than thinking about what you’d like to say.

It isn’t as easy as it reads.  We have a need to relate our own take on everything that comes at us.  We are Pavlovian about the vibration or ring of our phones, and it takes real effort to stay in the conversation when the screen in our sightline is flashing images meant draw us in. 

That’s why this works so well; because it’s too hard for the average bear.  But then, if you’re taking the time to read this, you’re already above average.

Own your sales gene…