#832 You Set the Tone

“Ill humor in the morning brings about a darkened day.” 

A character on a show I was watching said that and I breathed a big sigh and wrote it down.

I have always protected my mornings like the wizard guarding the entrance to Oz; “Nobody gets in to ruin my morning; no nobody not no how!”

I believe what that TV character said is true.  I feel strongly that the starting the day with bad news, anger, fear, stress or any of a host of negative emotions will hobble you; like twisting an ankle as you push off the starting blocks.

 Rule number one for me is no television or radio news first thing.  I love Bill Evans weather and sometimes depend on John DelGiorno in the copter for traffic reports but I have to be quick at the switch to avoid hearing the leading, bleeding, news stories.

Rule two is to write my intention for the day.  I learned this from my coach, the brilliant Jane Atkinson.  Writing my intention sets my head much like selecting a waypoint on my GPS sets me on the right path.  Intentions can vary widely from personal to business or both in one day.  “Today I intend to be in tune with my family” or “Today I intend to make calls all day and set myself up for a strong October.”

Rule three is expressing gratitude.  I select something in my life to be grateful for and jot it down.  It could be my dog, my home, a particular friend or family member.  It could be my health, my love of my hobbies, or the tomatoes in my garden.  The idea is to intentionally focus on what I have rather than what I don’t.

Rule 4 is to begin my day with a physical activity whenever I can.  It could be a run, a gym workout or a brisk walk but moving my body early gets those positive brain chemicals flowing and increase my chances to fulfill my daily intention.

This is my ritual.  Some people have positive readings each morning.  Some read a bible passage or recite affirmations.  Whatever you choose, just remember what old Sneed said in my TV show about starting the day with ill humor.

As the great Yogi Berra said, “Baseball is 90% mental.  The other half is physical.”  This is true of sales, family relationships, friendships, and most anything you can name.  Thoughts are things and starting the day with the right ones is like putting on a suit of armor to ward off the “slings and arrows” that are likely to assail you throughout the day.


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