#883 What Stops You?

It's been said that sales is a numbers game, meaning that the number of contacts you make is directly proportional to the number of clients you gain. 

So what is it that stops us from prospecting?

Let's hypothesize for a moment::

Two salespeople have an identical closing ratio of 10%, meaning, that they each get a deal one out of ten meetings. They also have the same rate on calls to meetings, and they need to make 500 calls to get ten meetings. One made $250,000 last year, and the other made $25,000 What's the difference? 




Salesperson A prospected enough to find ten times as many meetings as salesperson B So, what stopped B from making the calls to gather 10X meetings and 10X income? Laziness? Maybe, but in my experience, what stopped B is a weak belief system; his mindset. Salesperson A plows ahead believing each call she makes might turn into a meeting. Salesperson B bogs down after a few no's thinking it is futile.

Imagine for a moment your job is to sell desk chairs and your territory is The Empire State Building with over 20,000 workers, (each sitting in a chair) working there. On an average day, you might knock on 40 or 50 doors to introduce yourself and look for business before you got worn out with it. However, if the closing ratios we talked about were real, and you were aware of them, why would you stop at 50? Why not do 300?

Because rejection refashions beliefs, the constant rejection fools you into believing the ratios won't hold.

Imagine now that you get inside Intel that every single chair in the building must be replaced within two weeks. Now, how many doors would you knock on?

Tame that voice in your head. If anyone is succeeding in your business, you can too. Regardless of what you think your talent level is versus theirs, hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.


Own Your Sales Gene…