#881 I Suck

If we value ourselves based principally on how we measure up to others, life will be a depressing experience filled with envy, jealousy, poor self-esteem, and excuses.

So where does a guy who spent a 30-year career publishing charts of where his salespeople stood against quota, and one another get off saying comparison to others is bad? It’s all situational and contextual.

My great friend Reeta paces marathons at a full two minutes per mile faster than I run a five miler. If I judge myself as a runner by comparing my times and distances to Reeta’s, I’ll wallow in self-pity, makeup excuses as to why she is so much better than me, and probably quit running. 

Instead, I ask her what kinds of things I can do to be the best runner I can be and guess what? She tells me freely, and I have improved dramatically because of her advice.

I know speakers who have five times as many engagements as I have and command more than five times the fee that I get for a keynote. I’m not talking about Bill Clinton, Simon Sinek, or Elan Musk. I’m talking about non-famous speakers with a similar background to mine who are simply further along. If I compare my calendar and fee with theirs, I suck!


Instead, I remind myself that I have no idea what they were like at my stage of the journey and then I watch their videos and read their stuff to see what I can learn (or steal). I even hired the same coach as the number one guy in my speaking lane.


If you’re selling professionally and feel daunted by the big earners in your business, remember two things. 


1. The object of your envy was once where you are

2. 99.9% of the time if you ask, they’ll tell you how they got from where you are to where they are

This week I want you to commit to asking someone you respect; someone you can learn from, out for a coffee or a lunch. Then ask questions, listen A LOT, take notes, and do what they did. 

I promise you that you have what you need inside of you to get where you want to go and learning strategies from the people who are already there will get you there too.



Own your sales gene…