#877 Self Service Only

The other morning, I was in an unfamiliar neighborhood to meet a prospective client. I was early, and as I walked down the street, I looked for a coffee shop so I could grab a cup and kill some time. I found a small place and looked about to get the lay of the land. Coffee service is inconsistent. In some places, they get you the coffee and fix it how you’d like. In other places, they get you the coffee, but the fixings bar is located elsewhere and, in some places, you get the coffee and the accouterments on your own. It took me a few beats to look around amidst the early morning rush and figure it out, but this place was all self-serve which I prefer.


Life is like that; self-serve I mean. It seems we all seek happiness, but some of us expect it to be served complete while others think their circumstances or the folks around them should serve up some situational happiness and they just need to put the fixings in. Like the coffee shop I just mentioned, life, especially happiness, is all self-serve.

My grandkids make me happy because I choose to be in the moment and bathe in the deluge of abject joy and pure goodness that seems to secrete from their very pores.

I could certainly focus on the Alexa playing the theme from Paw Patrol repeatedly at Dean’s unending request or the blob of ice cream on the rug or the hard plastic dinosaur I just stepped on (barefoot) or the inability to speak a complete sentence without interruption by a scream, a spill, a cry, a tug, or a fall.

But when I belly up to the bar, I leave those silly inconveniences in their own section and fill my cup to the brim with happiness.

It’s like that with family, work, friends, acquaintances, minor aches and pains, inconveniences, interruptions, and damn near anything that isn’t catastrophic and some things that are.

Happiness is self-serve. It’s always right there just waiting for you to see it and fill your cup. The trick is in seeing it.

Own your sales gene…