#873 You only get multiple chances to make a good second impression

How many times have you heard that tired cliché; “You only get one chance to make a first impression” Physically, word for word, that’s true.  But the meaning behind it implies that if you aren’t liked, impressive, or at least memorable after that first impression it’s over for you.  It’s not.  In fact, it’s the second impression where you really get a chance to shine.

Last week, I attended a meeting with a few business people to discuss charity fundraising.  It was a good meeting, and we all shared our experiences and ideas about running events and raising money for worthy causes.  I guess they liked me well enough; we all smiled and thanked one another when the meeting ended, but it will be my second impression that makes me memorable.

I know a bit about each of them and have reached out to touch each of them with a follow-up email that they will find helpful.  For example, during the meeting, one person, Laurie, expressed confusion over choosing the right fundraising software.  I introduced her, via email, to a friend of mine who owns a company that consults non-profits. I know he can help her, and, in a few weeks, I will check back to be sure that the encounter was fruitful.  Isn’t that; my follow up; stickier than a good first impression? 

I’m not reaching out to Laurie because I believe she will have a speaking gig for me next week.  I’m reaching out to Laurie because she needs help that I can provide via this connection, but should she hear of someone looking for a keynote speaker one of these days, what is more, likely to stand out in her mind; the first impression or second?  And what about my consultant friend?  Won’t he be happy to make a new connection in his industry?

Today, with all of the ways we have to connect and communicate, it’s easier than ever to make an excellent second impression.  Just listen well to the people you encounter and look for opportunities to help in the way I assisted Laurie.  What did it take; a quick note at the meeting about Laurie, a brief thought about how I can help her and an email?  With a three-minute effort on my part, two people will find great value, and my second impression will have upped my Karma quotient immeasurably.

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