#866 No Muscles in your Phone

There are no muscles in your phone.

I was in the gym the other morning, and I saw a guy, (not a terrific physical specimen by the way) sitting on a bench with dumbbells at his feet and a phone in his hand.

I did a set; he moved his thumbs.  I did another set, he pinched the screen.  I wiped some sweat off my face with my shirt, he wiped his phone on his.  As I bent at the waist to do some dumbbell rows, he bent at the neck to peer more intensely at his screen. 

Years ago, before we had smartphones, I got a piece of advice from Ed Hernandez, who was, at that time, the world champion of drug-free bodybuilding.  He said, "You have to put your head in the muscle.  You have to focus on it.""

This isn't about building muscle.  This is about everything.  Multi-tasking is a myth.  You can't talk with me on the phone while returning emails or looking up something on your computer.  I hear the disengagement.  You can't look at your phone during a conversation and tell me "Go ahead, I'm listening" while you read a text or alert. 

Being present matters.  Giving yourself over to the thing you're doing makes a difference in how you do that thing and the results you get.

Own your sales gene…