#862 Thank You!

Thank you! I love to sit down each week and craft this message, and I do it faithfully (for almost nineteen years now) because I know you will read, and I really appreciate that you take a moment to do so each Monday.

I began this blog innocently enough back in the late fall of 2001. My messages then were sent only to my sales team in New York City and were intended to be uplifting to them during a time of utter despair.

In the years since then, the subscriber list has grown beyond the original team, but the intention hasn't changed much.

I try to share discoveries, and experiences gleaned from my education in NLP, my tireless research in, and curation of, the best sales, personal development, and communication programs I could find, and then add my own take on these subjects. It is all filtered through 40+ years in business and charity organizations, and I try to share it all with a positive, uplifting message woven through it.

I want to help a new generation of salespeople to learn and develop some essential skills and techniques that are proven to bring the successes that will lead them to a rewarding career. I hope to reenergize people in the middle of their careers and offer some tools to help them to adjust to the new world of sales, and while my expertise is in sales, most of what I offer here applies in all careers. Who among us does not need to collaborate, cajole or convince from time to time?

I come to this message each week with the belief that you have everything inside you that you need to be successful and that, perhaps, you're just one or two good ideas away from hitting your stride. I want to give you things to contemplate and things to try. I hope to offer that one idea, on that one particular week, that will resonate with you and spur you on to make positive changes. I want to remind you of some things you've already learned that may have been buried beneath the noise of life. I want to illuminate some universal truths that are not always in the forefront and sometimes need to be held up and examined again, and I hope each week that the message just happens to be precisely what someone who is reading needs at that very moment.

To that end, I encourage you to hit reply and let me know a bit about you and where you are in life. Tell me about a recent success or a current challenge, or suggest some things you think we ought to explore in this blog.

Again, thanks so much for taking a moment to look for some value here.

Own your sales gene…