#865 Let the Popcorn Stop Popping

As the Kardashians would say, this isn't rocket surgery.

Rapport defines the close and harmonious relationship you find yourself in with another or others when you understand each other's feelings and ideas and communicate well.

Knowing that definition, how does one best position herself to be in rapport?

Try this, tune in to that voice in your head and hear it formulating a response, or judging information on the fly as someone else is speaking. This is ego, your sense of self-importance trying to assert your ideas or how you're different. Of course, you're supposed to respond. Of course, you're supposed to process the information. It's a matter of timing. Rapport based conversations are not a tennis match where you go then me then you then me again. As I've said numerous times before, the pause between thought and speech can define you.

Understand that everyone wants to assert their ideas and show where they're different. Understand how important this is to people. If that's true, then what is the effect of asserting ourselves while someone is trying to put across their ideas; trying to show where they're different? Essentially, we're shutting that down and if it is as vital as I assert, what is the effect of that?

It is said that most people would rather talk to a wise man than to listen to him.

I believe there is wisdom in everyone if you're willing to listen without judgment.

I'm not saying we all need to be interviewers, never putting across our own ideas, I'm saying slow down a little and let the popcorn stop popping before you place your hand in there.

Own your sales gene…