#855 Energy Vampires

Some people unwittingly sap my energy. Parasitically, they latch on to me, consuming my very life force. They no more realize what they're taking from me than the mosquito or the tick do, only that they need me.

Sometimes, I feel the pinch and can slap them away before they've become firmly planted. Other times, they're in too fast and too deep to be easily removed, and before I know it, I'm drained, having listened to (in a misguided effort to be kind or to help) a tangle or complaints, ailments, indictments, and cynicism from which I cannot quickly recover.

Thankfully, in this very abundant universe, their polar-opposite also exists.

I'm currently a member of a wonderful mastermind group in which the energy exchange is entirely different.

With this group, it's more like a pump than a vacuum. As soon as we connect, the energy increases. It's like we are hooked up to one of those helium pumps that create the enormous balloons for the Macy's parade, but it's energy, positivity, and confidence that's flowing into us. After a meeting with this group, I find myself frantically scribbling down notes, ideas, and plans. I'm bursting with possibility, smiling, and envisioning a bright future.

It is not by luck that I am a member of this group. I sought them out. The seeking and culling of relationships that serve or suck is a lifelong pursuit and applies to friends, coworkers and, yes, to clients too. We need to proactively attract people who, just by virtue of their association, make us feel more energetic; confident, appreciative and positive. Surrounding one's self with great people makes us feel like we can be great too.

For me, avoiding energy vampires can be tough. It's part of my nature to want to offer my counsel, so I really need to listen for that buzzing in my ear or that skin crawling sensation that precedes the bite and remember to swat fast and move away quickly.

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