#854 Spring Ahead

Years ago, people would miss appointments or come into work late because they forgot to set their clocks ahead.  Today, the ubiquitous pocket computers we all carry "Spring Ahead" on their own.

I know it isn't the first day of spring, but I thought the metaphor worked well for me and I could "Spring Ahead" as well. 

There is, however, a difference between my iPhone and me; my reset won't happen automatically overnight while I'm sleeping.  I'm still a manual application.  I have to think about it and decide to reset myself to spring ahead. 

I even called the OEM (my Mom) to see if there is an upgrade available that will spring me ahead automatically every March but, she said, "You are just perfect like you darling" (By the way, if you ever feel down about yourself, call my Mom)

So here we are with another chance to create a watershed moment.  It's not just another Monday.  It's the start of a new era.  It's the emergence from the cave after a long winter's nap.  It's another chance to make a new plan to do more cold calls, visit more clients, immerse yourself in self-improvement books and podcasts, start that exercise program, or register for that Tony Robbins seminar. 

It's an opportunity to renew and refresh.  It's a stepping off point to begin again.

I choose today to manually "Spring Forward."  Today is the beginning of my just written, brand new plan.  It is more ambitious than my last plan because I feel more ambitious.  I have "Sprung Ahead."  Want to join me?

Own your sales gene…

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