#849 If You're Happy, Tell Your Face


I'm not sure if I'm crazy, in a clinical sense, but I tend to talk to myself a lot.  Not mad mutterings, walking zig-zag down the street, swatting imaginary flies, kind of talking to myself, but talking to myself none the less.

I learned a while ago that talking to myself is a good thing as opposed to listening to myself which is a bad thing.

Listening to myself is usually hearing the critic's voice in my head telling why I can't do something or how stupid I am to have botched something.  I try hard not to listen to that voice.  But talking to myself is planned.  It could be an affirmation, a pep talk before a big talk or sale, or psyching myself up for another rep or mile.  It doesn't matter, talking to myself is something I do FOR me where listening to myself is something I do TO me.

Recently I have been saying this to myself a lot; "If you're happy, remember to tell your face." I have this conversation with myself because too many times, people have asked me if something might be wrong when I'm perfectly happy.  I believe it's because my "thinking face" conveys a look of dismay.

I spend a lot of time thinking, creating, imagining, checking lists, etc. and evidently, according to my face, thinking is pretty tough work for me!

So a few times each day I say to myself, "If you're happy, remember to tell your face."

It reminds me to pop my eyebrows and smile more because I am really happy most of the time.  It also tends to get me out of my own head and back into the moment, where, honestly, I should be anyway.

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