#851 Always Be Closing...NOT

“If you stop selling sooner or later, you'll run out of money.”

I interviewed a very successful businessman for my upcoming book. He said that. He is a business owner with a staff of about 100 people, and he has a good sales team. He is an entrepreneur but, when I asked him about developing the business, he said, "If you stop selling sooner or later, you'll run out of money."

He said to me, "Sales is the company. Business owners must treat top talent with respect. These guys are the ones bringing in the big business. You can't be cheap about it or take them for granted. If you compensate them fairly, they'll stay with you for 30 years, and you both win."

This man is a CPA by trade; not a sales guy but he understands the skill set and has been in business development since he started the company forty years ago. He asked me if he could take a call while we were together. It was from an existing client who is the number two person at one of the big eight accounting firms. I sat and listened with a big smile on my face. The call began with two old friends trading insults and jokes. They talked a bit about golf, their winter getaway homes in Florida, and their respective health. The call concluded with "OK You got it. I'll send a new contract." The guy on the other end needed more services and ordered them at the very end of the call.

This was the quintessential sales call. It was 100% about rapport.

Selling is not "I can stick my head up a bull's ass to get a better look at a T-bone steak, but I take my butchers word for it." Nor is it "ABC. Always Be Closing."

It's business friendships. It's listening, caring and helping. I asked him how he had managed to meet the number two person at such a big firm. He said, "We served on a charity board together years ago." Listening…satisfying needs…serving…helping…giving it away… that is how the best of us spike sales, build great relationships and cement long-term loyalty.

How about you?

Own your sales gene…

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