#888 People will never do who they aren't

To continue a bit on the theme of action from last week, take note of the action (or inaction) in others.

People are not what they believe, what they think, or what they declare. They are what they do, and people will never do who they aren’t.

We can talk about being pro-environment, yet still, buy cases of spring water because it’s convenient.

We can think about being understanding and kind and then flip the bird as we shout expletives at the car that just cut us off.

We can believe we want to be in better shape while we grab some drive-through fast-food justifying it under infrequency and tight schedules.

Overly declaring a virtue is usually a good indicator that the attribute is lacking, and making much of innocence is often the cloak that covers guilt.

(Methinks the lady doth protest too much!)

If you want to know who someone is, cancel the noise, remember the history and observe the behavior.

People will never do who they aren’t.

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