#884 There are no Carrier Peacocks

One of the negative stereotypes we suffer is too much plumage. Flashy salespeople like the one Alec Baldwin portrayed in Glengarry Glen Ross, are as outdated as ashtrays on armrests.

Peacocks may look good as they fan out and strut, but if you need to get a note from Peoria to Poughkeepsie, give it to a pigeon.

They may not look as cool, but they’re built for the task and willing to work.

And it’s about the work. In our “eat what you kill” world, it’s always about the work.

Regardless of pomp and plumage, people want people they can relate to and depend upon.

Being authentic, humble, and helpful increases your likeability quotient. Being responsive and reliable helps people to trust you, and in the end, people do business with people they like and people they trust.

Own your sales gene…