#845 "I Can't Help It!

I wasn't raised to be kind and understanding.  I was taught to fight fire with fire.  I was taught never to give ground and that taking a beating is better than running away.  I was taught to push back harder than I got pushed I was taught that right went with might so if I were tougher than you I won; period.  There were no hypotheses, theories, intellectual discussions, or rousing debates.  We argued and fought.  We didn't discuss debate and conclude. I was taught that if someone disagreed with you, you threatened them first and if they didn't immediately back down, you pop ‘em one. 

I no longer believe any of that.  Even though it was deeply ingrained in me, indeed beaten into me, during my formative years, I've changed my way of thinking.

For the first three decades of my life, I lived the way I was taught.  Then, I didn't anymore.

I'm telling you this because I know you struggle with some behaviors you think are traits. "I can't help it I'm just a nervous type of person.  It's not my fault; I just have a bad temper." To you, I say, "Yes you can, and no you don't."

We all have choices.  In every moment that life throws something at us we choose our response.  I agree that we've been conditioned.  I agree that we've been taught and molded to respond to certain things in certain ways, but that does not mean we can't unlearn and recondition ourselves.

Do you still hit your brother?  When you were two, and your brother took your toy, you cried and hit him.  So when did you realize that crying and hitting your brother is unacceptable behavior?  When will you realize that some of the behaviors you're employing now aren't acceptable either?

The unexamined life is not worth living.  Socrates said that and I agree and to go further I will say “The regularly examined life is indeed worth living.” 

The examination includes recognizing improvements and growth while continuing to grow and become more enlightened. 

This is an excellent time of year to look back at 2018 and think about Stop, Start and Continue.  What behaviors do you want to apply that simple three-word formula to in 2019?


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