#829 My Brother Was Much Better Than Me

My older brother was a Phenom.  He was born with perfect pitch; music just seemed to emanate from him. With minimal instruction, he could play just about any instrument he put his hands on.  He sang really well too.  So why is it that when we were 17 & 19, I was booked for singing gigs for four or five times the money he was?  The Sales Gene.  Al was, and is, far better than me when it comes to music.  He wrote his own tunes, sang with heart and, as I said, played a bunch of instruments.  Someone could shout out a request from the audience, and even if he'd never played it before, if he knew how the song went, he would mess with it for a minute or two and then play it for them.  He was awesome...and broke.  When Al could have been looking at high-end venues that paid well, he was still singing in local bars.  Why; because it never occurred to him to approach a place of notoriety to try to sell himself.  He wasn't stupid, or lazy.  In fact, if someone had offered to put him in a nicer place, he'd have been excited, and the crowds would have loved him.  So why wasn't he playing those venues for more money?  He hadn't developed his sales gene.  I, as I said, sang for more money and in much nicer places because I could walk in, find the owner, and get him talking.  I'd find out what he was looking for, fill in the blanks for him with my band, and ask for my fee.  Sometimes we got there by sharing in the money he charged at the door so I could prove the band was a draw.  Sometimes we got there by relying on a referral from another club my band had played and sometimes it was just straight rapport, but we got there.

Going back to my very talented brother and me, in hindsight, if we'd had any sense, I would have become his agent!  He had the musical talent, and I had the sales gene. Here's the point; you can be the best chiropractor, the most knowledgeable real estate person, the trickiest magician, the best singer, or produce the most delicious cheesecake on the planet but unless you can get in front of the people who can use your services and convince them of your value, you will only be one of the pack. 

Own Your Sales Gene…