#830 Always Forward

One of my favorite fictional characters of all time is Joe Pike in the Elvis Costello detective books written by Robert Crais.  I won't go into a big description of Joe, but I will tell you the point of my mentioning him today.  He has two red arrows tattooed on his deltoids pointing straight ahead.  The tats are meant to say that Joe Pike doesn't retreat; he continually moves forward; pretty cool huh?
The side view mirror on my car says that objects appear smaller.  I like that.  When I look backward some things should appear smaller; like insults, disappointments, slights, and errors. Too often, too many look back on these things and magnify them instead.
Another favorite way to look backward is to dwell on the past and think about what might have been. The truth is, it couldn't have been.  The version with the alternate ending that you're playing is fiction.  What might have been is always fiction.
I believe that we humans make the best decisions we can in the moment with the information we have at that moment.  Sure it's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback for yourself or anyone else but, again, I believe that we make the best decisions we can with the information we have at that time.  (Big disclaimer here:  if you don't work on yourself and learn from the past, you will make a poor decision in the moment because you will misread the information at hand.)

Understanding that we cannot dwell on what might have been, we have to be like Pike and always move forward.
We can't change the past, but we can shape the future.  Well thought out, written, measurable, goals and a plan to achieve them will help you create a history you won't want to rewrite.  
Last week I was approached by a few people who have been through my goal setting seminar and want me to do one for their private groups, and I am excited to do it!
That got me thinking about goal setting for 2019 and I think I should do a public goal setting and planning event as well.  Standby for details but if you think you'd be interested in attending, hit reply and let me know.
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