#820 Thometimes i Mke Mystakes

I've made my share of mistakes and then some.  I have gotten appointment times wrong, confused dates, called people by the wrong name, forgotten to make a call, and worn two different colored shoes to a business meeting.  I have missed credit card payments, lost important papers and broken more household items than the proverbial bull in the china shop.  I’ve counted on the wrong people, taken the wrong job, and thrown my support behind the wrong idea.  Yet, here I am writing this blog and you’re reading it.  Amazing isn’t it?  And to top it all off you read it despite the grammatical and spelling mistakes I can’t seem to completely edit out each week!
My message today is twofold.  First is that we are not defined by our mistakes and failures.  We are defined by our successes.  This is a huge point to remember when that voice in your head is kicking your ass as it repeatedly harps whatever it decides is your foible of the day.  The ability to persist, regardless of the rate or depth of your failures is what defines your life.
Did you know that most sales are closed after the 5th contact?  I picture this statistic in my mind like a cartoon when I am speaking with successful salespeople.  I imagine them walking around picking up the number five contact left strewn about by all of the unsuccessful salespeople who quit too easily and too early.  In sales and in life, “You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince”
The second part of today is that you’ve got to reach out beyond yourself.  Help is only an ask away.  As I said, I make a lot of mistakes in life and in this blog.  It’s embarrassing when one of you points out a grammatical or spelling error that I missed when it appears so obvious once you show me.  I cringe when I read them and double down on my commitment to slow down and proofread better.  Yet, I still miss things.
Last night, this subject came up with my wonderful and very smart friend Gina. Gina may have solved this issue for me (and you!) and she delivered the solution beautifully.  She told me how much she enjoys my content and asked me if I’d heard of a program called Grammarly.  She recognized that it is nearly impossible to proof your own work since you are reading what is in your head instead of what’s on the page and then demonstrated this online, proofing, solution.  So, going forward, I will run my weekly thought through this program and deliver a cleaner blog to you.
Thanks to Gina for helping to solve this issue for me and thanks all of you for enjoying the content and forgiving the mistakes each week.  Your feedback has always been overwhelmingly positive and truly appreciated.

Own your sales gene…