#822 Tommy Boy

#722 fulfilling the stereotype

My beautiful daughter Alicia is a yoga instructor and holistic health coach.  Her hair is filled with long dreadlocks, often tied up with a bandana.  She wears no makeup sports a chakra tattoo and has a little gold ring in her nose.  It would be safe to assume her politics are a bit left of Bernie Sanders. Hold on to that description for a moment.
You all know how much I hate the stereotyping of salespeople, but even more, I hate salespeople who fulfill that stereotype.  I am a professional salesperson.  I help people with the services I offer.  I listen well, empathize, problem solve, and provide equitable solutions that are always win-win.  The fast-talking huckster with the 1st to 3rd comb-over, polyester suit, and bad porn mustache should have gone the way of the dinosaurs by now.  In a world where one can practically point and click to buy a Learjet, professional salespeople must bring significant value to survive.
Enter Tommy.  Tommy does not have the comb-over but he does talk fast, and he is wearing polyester.  Tommy sells cars.  So here is the scene:  Alicia and I are looking at various Kia automobiles in the lot with Tommy.  Alicia looks longingly at a hybrid and asks if hybrids are much more expensive.  Keeping in mind the description of my darling daughter that began this blog read Tommy's reply.
"Yeah they're a lot more money but why would you even look at a freakin' hybrid unless your one those people who want to save the dolphins or something."
I looked at him, motioning with my hand up and down in front of Alicia like Vana White next to a showcase, and said, "Tom, do you see who you're talking to?"   "She wants to save everyone!"  Tommy said, "Yeah, whatever. Let's check out a Sorento."
This encounter made me crazy!  "Tommy, pay a modicum of attention, please!  It's bad enough the world thinks you are the archetype of all of us without you doing everything in your power stay mired in a sales model that went out with snake oil!"
There is a great lesson to be had from Tommy.  You either learn and grow, or you're a relic.  There is no such thing as standing still.  
Own your sales gene…