#840 I Can Flat Out Sell!

I can flat-out sell. I mean that.  If I bring to bear all I’ve learned about this craft and decide to convince someone of something I will very likely be successful.  And?

And I am judicious. 

I’ve learned that listening comes first and caring is as important as convincing.

When I was a little baby sales guy, I plotted and schemed and thought of clever ways to get people to go with whatever I was offering.  I was well schooled in winning at all costs.  My job, as I saw it, was to be victorious in every presentation; in every instance, and in every encounter in life.  Machiavelli had nothing on me.

It’s a lazy way to do business.  It’s lazy because it’s much easier to camp on a prospect who may not be a great fit and convince (nag) them to buy than it is to go out and find the right client. 

What I’ve learned, and what I teach now, is “Be, Do, Have.” 

Instead of working someone over I work on me.  A better me is a more desirable vendor. 

I spend a lot of time on the "Be."  I set personal development goals and have hired a coach.  I read as much as I can about communications, interpersonal skills, body language, and selling.  I practice active listening and make sure I stay in touch with good people.  Becoming a better version of me removes the need to nag for business.  Instead of chasing clients, I attract them.

The “Do” is more about focus than about doing.  It’s about doing the right things to bring me to my goals.  It’s very easy to get lost in distractions.  It’s very easy to wake up and spend the day going from meeting to meeting, text to text, post to post, and email to email.  But when the right version of me is focused on the right actions, I don't chase the wrong things just to chalk up a quick "win." Instead, business flows to me.

Own your sales gene…

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