Everyone, regardless of what they do, needs a lift from time to time. With a certification in NLP I understand motivation and its arch enemy procrastination. With real tools to get you motivated and stay motivated audiences leave this talk feeling energized and with a solid understanding of how motivation and slumps occur. I will use stories, humor, NLP techniques and audience participation to turn any business meeting into a memorable, uplifting, occasion.

Groups learn about self-talk and how to change it. They get to hear that what they sometimes assume are character flaws peculiar to them alone are actually very common issues shared by many, and manageable using the NLP techniques this talk centers around. In this presentation we examine the relationship between thought and action and teach, “The past does not equal the future.”

While you get what you’d expect from any good motivational speaker (that your group leaves feeling great) this talk goes further and teaches people ways to keep that feeling beyond the first few days and even how to bring it back during stressful times when motivation seems to elude us just when we need it most.

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