“… Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the science made famous by Tony Robbins, I give an exciting presentation and teach you “How to make anyone like you in a minute or less”. I will teach you self-presentation and rapport building. Speak Their Language! delves into a deep yet simple understanding of human communication by exploring facial expressions, body English, and the pitch, tone, pace and word cues which usually go unnoticed in everyday conversation but, with this proven methodology of tuning in, will be the key to unlock true meaning and build amazing rapport. People leave this talk with a better understanding of everyone in their lives from their bosses, to their employees, their spouses, their children and especially, themselves. The audience participates to learn about communication foibles and proven techniques to overcome them all the while relating and laughing as they see themselves and their co-workers and families in many of my examples. This is a great program to offer to management teams to help further their successful communication with employees, or to salespeople to give them an edge by evaluating quickly what “type” of client they are dealing with so that they can call on the right communication style to suit any selling situation. It is great for doctors who often have to find the exact communication style to be sure that an all-important point can be delivered to a patient or family member or attorneys who need to calibrate jury and witness reactions and adjust their approach instantly. This program fits so many situations because, more than any other single factor, your ability to communicate will either hinder or propel your success both personally and professionally.

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