This is not News #440

Posted by frank April - 4 - 2011 - Monday

I don’t listen to the radio much. I like the public radio station, Jazz 88 and put that on during the weekend but during my weekly commute I prefer a motivational program, and educational CD series or an audio book. Every now and again I may need a weather report or the score of a game I missed and go to the radio at the exact time those things happen. (For example on CBS, traffic and weather comes on at 8 minutes after the hour and sports on the quarter hour)
So I have to say I was shocked and very unhappy to have turned on the radio at the wrong time, but just IN time to hear this. “Marlene Johnston hadn’t been heard from for a few days so her concerned sister showed up at the 80 year old grandmother’s apartment. What she found was her sister dead and stuffed into a closet and her grandson having sex in the bedroom.” That was it. That was the entire story.

I began to wonder why I needed to know that? There are Marlene Johnston’s dying daily around the tri-state area but they don’t make the news. In fact this wasn’t about Marlene at all. “Stuffed in a closet “ and “Having sex” was what that item was about. I don’t know about you but that really aggravated me. I was angry at the disrespect to Marlene, I was angry that some editor thought to run with it because he could say “Stuffed I a closet “ and “Having sex” like some eighth grade boy saying boobs and giggling.
This is why I neither listen to nor watch the news. I worry sometimes that I’m out of the loop but somehow people manage to alert me to earth-shattering events and I find a way to catch up. In the interim I manage to avoid a bunch of salacious nonsense that neither informs nor fulfills me. I think I’m making the right call. What do you think?

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  1. Nina says:

    that is what news reporters do they will write anything that tries to get your attention Never believe any thing they say!

  2. Lucille daCosta says:

    I couldn’t agree more Frank. It’s either worthless sensationalism or how the Democrats and Republicans hate each other. Too painful to watch!

  3. Joe Simon says:

    I agree….I listen to 1010wins sometimes in the morning and its full with the same junk you referred to in your letter. Stuff that makes my stomach twist in the morning. I’ve always wondered why there has yet to be TV network that would specialize in good news, on people helping people and on inspirational and motivational programming as their speciality. Who knows, maybe thats what Oprah has in mind for her new network, OWN, (Oprah Winfrey Network). I’m not very religious and happen to be Jewish but enjoy listening to Joel Osteen and his show on occasion. Not for his message having to do with Christianity but more for his knack of making you feel good and for the possibilities in life. It uplifts and inspires. Just my thoughts….Be well.

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