Contrived Serendipity #466

Posted by frank October - 16 - 2011 - Sunday

First of all, I would like to offer a big welcome to all of the new Weekly Thought subscribers from Washington DC and Virginia. I had a great time with you all this past week and hope you will enjoy these weekly missives.

“Contrived Serendipity” is a term I coined years ago. At first glance it seems like an oxymoron. After all serendipity is the faculty of finding something fortunate that you weren’t looking for whereas something contrived is planned in advance.

So let me explain the term as it relates to business success. We all have a great story about the time we just happened to be in someone’s office, or at a party, or on the phone with an associate talking about things other than our business when, suddenly, a huge opportunity dropped into our lap. It was serendipitous. We weren’t looking for the opportunity, it just happened. Contrived serendipity is a concept that says you can plan to find fortune when you aren’t really looking.

So how do you do that? By availing yourself to fortune. As a salesperson I have always believed that if I get my face out there things will happen. This concept borrows heavily from the principle of selective attention. Did you ever notice that when there is a pregnancy in your family, suddenly the world seems to be filled with pregnant women? Of if you hear a new word and learn the meaning you start hearing that word everywhere? That is selective attention and it is central to “contrived serendipity.”

So how can we make this concept work for us? We need to plan to frequent places, and do things, that on the surface may not seem like business opportunities but are, in reality, fertile ground for serendipity to take root.

· I believe that if you plan each week to connect with people fortune will find you.
· I believe that if you volunteer your time to a charitable organization, it will pay back you back tenfold.
· I believe that if you frequent charity events, new relationships will blossom.
· I believe that if you visit your customers with no pressing business to discuss, business will visit you.

This borrows from selective attention in that YOU are a physical reminder of what you do without pitching what you do.
So begin your own campaign of “contrived serendipity” today. Plan to call friends and associates to catch up. Find a great organization you can give some time to. Schedule customer visits and accept the invitation to that charity event. If I am wrong, what’s the downside? You’ll end up with closer friends, happier, loyal customers, and the great feeling that goes along with charitable giving and volunteerism.
If I am right, you will have all of that AND opportunities for business you would never have had.

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  1. Frank, Thank you for your Motivation. I am growing my real estate business and my success is directly related to your weekly Motivational email, calling the Success Hotline, which I discovered from you, and seeking out additional daily and weekly motivational calls and talks. You keep me focused and driven. Thanks!

  2. Margie Stone says:

    Hi Frank,
    I just called the Success Hotline this morning and I am excited to come to your website! I am a Student Services Advisor at AIU Online and I am responsible for hundreds of students to help encourage them personally, professionally and academically.
    In addition, new doors of opportunities just opened for me last night (outside of work) and timing is so perfect for me to be here! I will check out your videos and I will come back here often!
    Margie in Chicago 🙂

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