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Posted by frank December - 18 - 2017 - Monday

Once again, THANK YOU to all of my attentive attendees at CRD. You all are wonderful to work with!
It is time to develop your motto for 2018. You guys see motto at the bottom of my signature right? This idea was given to me by my cousin Steve who is a GIANT in personal development, counseling and coaching.
Think about the year to come and what your intention is for the year or a just a vibe you want to put out there and try to craft a motto that either helps you to stay on track or tells other people what you’re about.
Another motto I am considering for this year is; “Be nice. People like that.”
In my speaking and training business I talk and teach about professional selling. At the root of professional selling is rapport. People do business with people they like and people do business with people they trust. So here’s a news flash…people tend to like and trust nice people!
Being nice is not as easy as it sounds. Sure we are all capable of flashing a smile when we meet someone new but how about being nice when you want to be nasty?
On Friday night I called in a pizza order for Deb and me. I ordered the pizza with extra cheese and sausage. Somehow the guy who answered the phone heard “extra sauce” which, if you think about it, makes absolutely no sense.
When I got to the counter and the mistake was realized the girl there told me to sit down and the correct pie would be out in 15 minutes.
My brain said, “OK which one of these a-holes back there with you took the order for EXTRA SAUCE? Let’s have him pick up my tab. Or at least let me ask him what the hell he was thinking. How many people order soggy pizza?
My brain then did a quick recalculation and realized the girl wasn’t at fault and didn’t deserve any attitude from me. Friday is a busy night in the pizza business and this place was hopping. Getting loud wasn’t going to get my pizza and sooner, in fact, being nasty would probably be a good incentive for an intentional delay; so, I smiled at her, brought up my feelings of compassion for how busy she was and THANKED HER for taking care of me. She literally beamed at me. I have my Kindle app on the phone so I sat and read and before I knew it I was heading out with my corrected pie.
For many years I practiced the alternative to this. I bitched loudly about the incorrect order, checked on the new one every five minutes and glared at the counter girl as I waited. I thought I was insuring that they took me seriously. What I was insuring was that I was a bigger a-hole than the guy who thought extra sauce made sense on a pizza.
Be nice…people like that.
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