# 791 The more you do the more you get

Posted by frank December - 11 - 2017 - Monday

First of all, it is time to develop your motto for 2018. Think about the year to come and what your intention is for the year and try to craft a motto that either helps you to stay on track or tells other people what you’re about.
One of the mottos I am trying out is the subject of today’s thought:
With very few exceptions, the more you do the more you get.
When Nike was in the brainstorming meeting, coming up with a tag line, I don’t believe anyone threw “Just think about it for a while” on the table to be considered.
As you know I preach personal responsibility. I believe strongly that your past does not equal your future and you are where you are because of the accumulated decisions YOU have made throughout your lifetime.
Shakespeare said “Action is eloquent”
But Frank! I can’t take action because I don’t know what to do!
Action can be finding a mentor. Action can be finding a coach. Action can be looking up your subject on YouTube. Action can be making your bed or tossing out the jar of Nutella, or applying online, or making the call, or writing the note, or touring the gym, or scheduling the physical, or buying the book. Action can be smiling when you see him or taking her hand or asking questions and actively listening to the answers.
With very few exceptions, the more you do the more you get.
This includes, love, health, goodwill, friends, knowledge, appreciation, money & peace of mind.
Without action it’s Groundhog Day every day and you’re Bill Murray.
Nothing changes until something changes and YOU are in charge.
Take this very moment and commit to an action you need to take today.
2017 motto Daily disciplines create desired outcomes

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