#788 It ain’t easy

Posted by frank November - 20 - 2017 - Monday

Just because she makes it look easy doesn’t mean she isn’t exerting a ton of effort.
Great communicators are like that. They have superlative people skills. They think before they speak. They anticipate needs. They think about you in advance of meeting you and have a feel for how the conversation or meeting will flow best. They look for what’s good and raise a flag over it. You leave encounters with them feeling better about yourself and smiling about the time you spent together. They’re straight without being blunt or rude.
To the casual observer they make it look easy, like it comes naturally. Lots of people talk about them like they have it made, like they float through life in a Teflon vest.
The truth is they work at it. They think constantly. They anticipate needs, moods and reactions and craft their remarks to maximize the effectiveness of the conversation.
The blunt, rude, and crass believe that the great communicators are too soft, too easy on people. But here’s the truth; they are effective and that’s why they excel and attract people who are happy to listen and to follow.
More than good education, high SAT scores, natural abilities in math or science or studying your ass off, your ability to move people will determine your success.
Making it look easy doesn’t mean it isn’t deliberate and well thought out; it just means they’re good.

2017 Motto: Daily disciplines create desired outcomes.

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