#787 Are You Attractive?

Posted by frank November - 13 - 2017 - Monday

Think of someone you are attracted to; someone you look forward to seeing and really like to be around. Are they churlish? Do they complain incessantly? Do they make the worst of every situation?
Likely not. The people we want to be around are more often pleasant with a positive outlook. They smile more than they frown and they usually rebound rather quickly from minor inconveniences.
If you want people to be attracted to you, you have to be attractive. If you’ve gotten into the habit of complaining about traffic, the weather, the crowds, the customers, the politicians or celebrities, you’re unattractive!
It’s easy to slip into the bitching and moaning thing. For some reason it seems to be a fairly natural state we have to learn and discipline ourselves out of. Watch a two year old. A bump brings tears as does the taking away of a toy, or a bath, the veggies they don’t want or a denial of the cookie they do want to eat. They can pitch a fit at any small slight. They don’t govern their emotional state, they roll with how they feel in the moment.
We may have the same feelings. We may feel slighted, frustrated, or annoyed but we get to CHOOSE our state. If we are of the mind to do so, we can set the temperature of our day; we can control our emotional weather.

2017 motto: Daily disciplines create desired outcomes

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