#786 Do you have the sales gene?

Posted by frank November - 6 - 2017 - Monday

Are you born to sell or do you learn to sell? I believe that if you have someone else’s strategy you can do whatever they can do. If you lifted the same weights, ate the same foods and DID THE SAME DRUGS you could be as big as Arnold.
We’ll get in to this more in the coming weeks but for now let me tell you that I have found there are a few common traits among great salespeople. Let me tell you a story about one of them.

Vinny was a rock star salesperson. He consistently placed in the top five slots of a very talented team of forty. Vinny was terminally upbeat. He embodied the principle of “lemons in to lemonade”.
I was on a president’s club trip with Vinny and sat down for a chat with his very new bride. “So what is it like being married to Vin? He must keep you in a good mood all the time!” She said, “Yeah, he’s a lot of fun but he’s also a nag.” “A Nag?” “Yeah like if he wants to invite his brothers to the ski house for the weekend and I may not think it is the right time he asks, then he asks again, then he proposes it in a different way, then he offers to make up for it with another trip, then he waits a day and askes again, he’s just doesn’t hear NO!”
I smiled at this because what Vinny’s wife calls nagging, I call persistence it is the reason she was sitting on a beautiful beach; all expenses paid, and it is the number one quality I see shared by great salespeople. Vin may have had a life that conditioned him to be like that but make no mistake, it is not in his DNA, it is a learned skill and you too can work on your persistence muscle to make your sales grow to ginormous proportions…drug free.

2017 motto: Daily disciplines create desired outcomes

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