#785 The business IS sales

Posted by frank October - 30 - 2017 - Monday

Let me tell you another story about that same accountant I breakfasted with a few weeks back. He was invited to an event that took place during the first week of April. That’s right, some bonehead created an event and expected an accountant to show up during the absolute busiest week of the year for accounting professionals.
As it turns out, the inviter worked for a large bank and the accountant, Mark, had a strong affiliation with that bank. Add to that, the inviter was the new rep from the bank and called to ask him specially to stop by. The event was at Madison Square Garden and Mark’s office is close by there. When the bank rep called Mark could hear the near hysteria in his voice: “It’s a bust! Very few people are coming. Can you squeeze out an hour and at least stop by?” Mark, as I said, is an accountant. But he is a different sort of accountant. Mark has the sales gene. He is keenly interested in business development. He understands that being good at what you do will certainly get you some business but that, more importantly, people do business with people they know, like, and trust and Mark makes it a point to get out to get to know more people.
The sequestered April accountant is almost proverb but Mark broke the mold. The combination of the misguided organizer’s need and Mark’s commitment to business development won out and he decided to stop by the event for an hour. Around the cheese ball, he met one of the only other attendees. They made small talk about their respective businesses and in the course of that conversation Mark asked him a simple question; “What is your greatest challenge right now?” The guy went on to talk about a big problem he was having with security. He was in the wholesale distribution business and felt as though product was leaving out of the back door. His business had grown quickly and he did not have a very firm handle on inventory. I don’t know the particulars of the first project but after that conversation, the guy hired Mark to help with his inventory situation. According to Mark, five years later this guy is his firm’s largest client.
Selling is not limited to those of us who make commissions to move a product or service for our company. Selling is the company. Whatever product or service you offer, you must offer. And those who offer it more frequently and with conscious selling skills will garner the lion’s share of the business.
2017 Motto: Daily disciplines create desired outcomes

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