#763 Raising Healthy Tomatoes

Posted by frank May - 30 - 2017 - Tuesday

When my tomato plants droop and sag I pick them up and tie them to the support stake. I tried hoping that they’d finally stand up on their own, without my support, but it didn’t work. When they look dry I give them water. I tried just waiting for rain but it’s unreliable and I lost some plants while I waited. If the green coloring of the leaves appears less than vibrant I give the plants some food. I hoped they’d get all they need from the soil and I could save money on fertilizer but I’ve found that when I feed them they thrive and when I don’t they struggle. Sometimes they’re bothered by worms. The worms eat at them. I know this because I can see small signs of the worms; a half-eaten leaf here or a bare stem there. I have to look the individual plants over carefully (the worms are not always easy to find) and remove the worms. I’ve tried leaving them alone or just giving them a cursory look as I go by and removing the obvious worms but that helps only for a moment and when I come back again I find more eaten leaves and bare stems.
What I have learned is that producing good tomatoes takes training, nurturing, support individual attention, and my time and commitment.
The parallels are numerous and obvious. Apply this where you will.
2017 Motto: Daily disciplines create desired outcomes.

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  1. Sunny says:

    The analogies of this writing , parallel so many things in life … I love the perspective Frank.

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