#760 A Present

Posted by frank May - 8 - 2017 - Monday

Being present is a difficult proposition. I witness this all the time. When I am riding the train and we are pulling in to the station people get up and move toward the doors. If the train bogs down for a minute, the phones come out. It’s like we can’t be alone with ourselves for five seconds.
Love and attention is the same thing. Giving yourself over to someone completely; what we call “Up Time” in NLP, denotes love. Now before you think I’m getting all yoga’d up on you let me explain why I used the word love.
When talking to a loved one love means love but let’s use it further. Let’s use love interchangeably with respect, consideration, kindness and goodness. If I’m talking to a coworker, an employee, a store clerk or the mailman, attention means all of those words.
When I am with my two year old grandson he wants ALL of my attention and he chirps and touches me to be sure he has it.
Our phones are like that. So are the ubiquitous TV’s that invade us in the doctors waiting room, the gym, restaurants etc. They try to take us away from our conversations or thoughts. They try to steal our present.
Present requires focus but it’s worth it. My memories of great hunts, great books, and great moments with my family all come from being entirely present and they are what I will remember for life long after I have forgotten the tweet, the text, the newscast or the email icon flashing across my screen insisting, like a two year old, that I stop what I’m doing and pay attention to them.

2017 motto: Daily disciplines create desired outcomes.

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  1. Nina says:

    What can you say about when your son wants to know why their dad is angry 7 days a week and it’s true

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