#729 Authentic Leadership

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Finding people who can manage processes, and wring details out of a plan isn’t really hard. Even finding folks who can direct and measure activity is easy. Further up the ladder, people with a point of view and a willingness to express it talk over each other in meetings daily and high level managers willing to direct and enforce are plentiful.
But when you want loyalty and trust; when you want ideas and good judgment; when you want a team that will work when you aren’t looking you need authenticity in your leadership.
Being authentic doesn’t mean giving in to moods and emotions and laying it off to “That’s who I am.” Authenticity is born from good trusting relationships and good trusting relationships are the result of good, empathic listening.
Speed, judgment, preconception and distraction are your enemies if authenticity is your objective.
2016 Motto Notice what’s good and raise a flag over it!”

#728 Kindergarten

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Two weeks ago I got a firsthand look at real excitement, enthusiasm and commitment. I was able to see it happen organically, without pretense or effort. I witnessed unbridled joy and happiness bursting at the seams!
It was the first day of school and as I drove past the bus stops the five and six year olds were coming out of their skin. They ran to the bus stop, they wiggled and kicked their feet. They laughed and smiled and when they saw the bus coming they pointed and yelled and jumped up and down. They were so amped up for the first day of school they couldn’t physically contain their excitement within their little bodies. It was awesome; AND it was contagious.
Seeing them, I had a grin from ear to ear. As I think about them now, I know this was genuine excitement, not the kind of thing you can make up but still, why can’t we steal a bit of it?
Dragging ones self in to the office isn’t going to help performance. Remember: ACTIONS PRECEED FEELINGS. We can decide to adopt just a smidgen of that first day of school enthusiasm and carry ourselves in that way. We can decide to smile and enthusiastically greet people; decide to put a little pep in our step.
You may be fatigued or uninspired but allowing those feelings to dictate your actions just perpetuates those feelings. If you act differently than you feel you will soon feel differently as well.
For me, it was a great lesson repeated. I’m going to keep playing the mental tape of those kids and allow them to school me when I find myself giving in to gloom.

2016 motto Notice what’s good and raise a flag over it!

#727 Let’s Be Friends

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Dale Carnegie wrote “How to win friends and influence people” in 1936. Back then you didn’t have to compete as much for someone’s attention, as you do today, but it was also harder to reach people. When you spoke with someone they weren’t looking at their computer or phone but, by the same token, it was costly and difficult to correspond with someone only 100 miles away. I think the balance of these two vastly different times lends itself to a reread of this book. While each era has different communication problems, the principles Carnegie wrote about are as true today as they were 80 years ago.
Here is one of my favorite quotes from this great book:
“When talking to a fellow remember that his toothache matters more to him than a famine in China that killed one million people!”
This was his way of saying listen more than you speak. Get other people to open up. A person’s favorite subject is himself.
I remember when I was 19 years old and I met a navy buddy’s dad when he had invited me to his home for the weekend. I walked away thinking; “Mr. Witcher is the nicest person I have ever met!” Later, when I thought more about it, I realized I knew nothing of the man. I’d spent an evening in his company and he’d asked questions about ME and LISTENED. I walked away totally impressed with him without realizing that I had dominated the conversation at his prompting.
If you want to “Win friends and influence people” there is nothing more powerful than sincerely listening and giving others your full attention.
2016 motto: Notice what’s good and raise a flag over it!

#726 Drifting in to Mediocrity

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Who wakes up and says, “I want to be average today!”? Who publicly declares, “I’m committed to mediocre!”?
There are those who settle for average. There are those who fall in to mediocrity, but these were not the goals.
Perhaps, there were no goals. Perhaps the uninspired, who accept mediocrity, just drifted there; slowly accepting less than is their lot.
They don’t, as I said, wake up and declare it; they wake up and settle for it.
It could be a crappy job or a lousy relationship. It could be self-inflicted infirmaries, or unattended living conditions. Whatever it is no one declares, shouts about, or puts up placards saying, “I strive to be less than I can be!.”
This is not about the pursuit of excellence nor is it about the pursuit of success. It is about taking an aspect of life that you may have settled for, and deciding to awake to it.
I know not all circumstances are easily changed. Often times, jobs and relationships can’t be abruptly abandoned. Health and economic issues, sometimes work against you as well and prohibit change, but while you can’t always change a thing, you can change the way you think about it. You can decide to notice it and improve the way you approach it. That comes from the inside out and that my friends, is all you.
2016 Motto: Notice what’s good and raise a flag over it!

#725 Cheat to win

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I’m trying to understand people of great ability who cheat. Lance Armstrong, Bobby Bonds, A Rod, Schwarzenegger, etc.
It’s not that I don’t understand cheating or corruption in general; I’m not naïve. It’s the people who don’t need to cheat that confuse me. Alex Rodriguez may be the best baseball player of all time. He is absolutely, in terms of ability, up there with all the greats. This is a guy who, drug-free in 2015, hit over 30 home runs AND he was 39 years old! That speaks of amazing ability! He did not need to “enhance” his performance!
I have met salespeople throughout my career who, despite amazing sales talent, lied and cheated their way to big sales. These are people who were so good they could have convinced you to vote for Trump! (Sorry. Couldn’t help myself) Yet they fudged numbers, lied to customers and, eventually got caught and paid a heavy price for lying and cheating.
Don’t you think Bernie Madoff had more going for him than just promising big returns? I’m convinced that he would have been very successful playing it straight. I’m convinced that he had the charisma and smarts to make it work but we will never know because he did cheat and despite living a charmed life ended up in disgrace behind bars.
So what is it that tempts people of enormous ability to cheat? Maybe my moral compass is a bit off but if A Rod was a 5’7”, 130 pound wimp with poor eyesight I could more easily understand and forgive the need to enhance performance. But he is a specimen!
I look at Katie Ledecky , Roger Maris, Jerry Rice and Usain Bolt and imagine the amount of work that preceded their success and how they feel vs. how some of the cheaters feel on the victory podium. Can it possibly be as sweet knowing you cheated?
I think it was Paterno who said, Victory without honor is like an unseasoned dish. It may fill you but it won’t taste good.
2016 Motto: Notice what’s good and raise a flag over it!

BOGO offer

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My newest Sales CD (pictured here) was recently released. It sells on my site for $24.95. Today I’m offering this program to you for $19.95 AND if you order off of this email I will also send you my first CD entitled, “Are You Lazy or do You Simply Lack Talent”. That’s two great, motivational, audio programs for less than the price of one alone. Just hit reply to this email with your shipping address and I will get them right out to you.
I’m a sales professional and out selling my services every day but even if you’re not, you’re likely selling something. Anytime you try to convince someone to your way of thinking, you’re selling. Asking for a raise, a late checkout for your hotel room, the corner table at a bistro, or the hand of the fair maiden is all selling.
Getting junior to put down the video game and pick up a book is selling as is getting your spouse to finally fix that leaky toilet. In these CD’s I go over “convincer strategies” that are like a magic elixir to a sales professional and really good advice for the rest of you as you encounter selling situations throughout your life. I do it with proven principles and some fun stories to illustrate the points.

Dr. Rob Gilbert, of Success Hotline, said, “It’s really hard to say you’ve found the absolute best of anything, but Frank’s new CD, Drop Me Naked in the Desert and I’ll Sell Something is absolutely the best sales audio program I have ever heard.”

So hit reply and grab this pair of programs for a friend in sales who could use them, or for yourself. Rob literally offered the listeners of Success Hotline DOUBLE THEIR MONEY BACK from him if they bought the CD from me and didn’t like it. That’s how confident he is with the content. I love his enthusiasm and his accolades!
For me, the standard money back guaranty applies. If you listen to these audio programs and don’t get any good ideas, or think the whole thing was a waste of time, just email me and say; “I’d like a refund.” You don’t even have to tell me why or send the discs back to me. Just ask and I will mail your refund. There is zero risk to you to give these a listen so hit reply and order yours now.
2016 Motto: Notice what’s good and raise a flag over it!

The Sparrow #722

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I saw a sparrow picking at some old, moldy, bread in the gutter on 33rd street in Manhattan. It made me sad. I see Pigeons all over the city. Pigeons and cities go together but a sparrow? It’s not like we were down in the village where there are some trees. This was Murry Hill; concrete, crowded streets, big buildings and too many cars. There are no big shade trees nor are there many flying insects, hence, I guess, the stale bread.
Did he know he could fly just a couple of miles and find a much better setting? Did he know he had choices?
How about you? Have you settled for less than you want? Are you just a few miles away from a better life?
The sparrow has a brain I could fit in a thimble and still have room for my finger, so he may not know anything better exists. He may think, despite his flying ability, that big buildings, concrete and stale bread is the all the world has to offer but you know better. You know that the status quo is created (or settled for) by you and that positive change is only a choice away. You just need to toss aside that stale bread and take flight.
2016 Motto. Notice what’s good and raise a flag over it!

#722 A Test for Success

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I was having dinner with my great friend, Peter. Peter runs a financial services business and has a number of people on his staff. When I recorded my new CD, “Drop Me Naked In The Desert And I’ll Sell Something.” Pete was the first person to reach out to me to buy copies for his team.
Financial service sales isn’t easy. You’ve got to convince people that their money is better invested with you than elsewhere and since most people cling pretty tightly to their dough, the rejection rate is large. Pete’s girls and guys go through a good amount of sales training and Pete gives them my CD to supplement that training, but the program actually serves another purpose. He told me that when he asks a young salesperson what they thought of the material and they say “I haven’t had a chance to listen yet”, it tells him something about their attitude and their desire. It tells him something about how hard they want to work and how badly they want to succeed.
Pete knows that successful people are students; they’re constantly learning. They are either reading, researching or looking to mentors or paid professionals for answers.
If you’re looking to get to the next level or feel like you’ve gotten a little stale, start looking for blogs, Ted Talks, or audio programs that will shake things up and influence you. There is no end to the amount of material out there and I promise you that within a few weeks of increasing your learning habit you will feel more inspired.
If you want to get a copy of my CD or download the MP3, go to my site, www.franksomma.com

2016 Motto. Notice what’s good and raise a flag over it!

#721 The Stress of Selling

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People who not sell make their living selling for commission may not be able to understand the pressure of closing enough business to make enough money to pay the bills.
In my business, we lease and service copiers. Our salespeople live on a small salary and make the majority of their income in commissions. A bad month means no money for another 30 days. Not having dough for the monthly bills is very stressful, yet most salespeople not only choose this way of working and getting paid, they actually thrive on it!
Again, it’s not for everyone. I once had a young man come to work for me. He looked great, spoke well, had a strong work ethic, and was very personable. He looked like he had all the tools needed for a successful sales career.
After about a month or two he came in one day looking like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. I asked him what was wrong and he practically broke down.
“I can’t take it Frank. I have to resign. The pressure is too much! I’m not sleeping much and when I wake up I see clumps of hair on my pillow! MY HAIR IS FALLING OUT FROM THE STRESS!
I said ”Joe, I understand. This isn’t for everyone. What will you do now? He said “I’ve registered for some classes. I’m going back to school. “Good for you!” I said. “What will you study? What do you want to do?
“I’m going to be an emergency room nurse.”

I swear to you that’s what he said. Basically, in his mind, holding life and death in his hands would be less stressful than monthly quota sales.
2016 Motto: Notice what’s good and raise a flag over it!

#720 It’s not about what happens to you in life…

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Mickey Ibarra served as the director of intergovernmental affairs for the Bill Clinton administration. He had a rough go as a kid, growing up in foster homes but managed to become very well educated and very successful. Mickey is the personification of the belief life is much more about how you react than about what happens to you.
My good friend Rick sent me an article about Mickey and his life. I lifted this quote from that article to share with you.
Mickey Ibarra: “Yes I believe I am a great example of a person born of average ability who through hard work has been able to exceed the average. I’m not going to outthink anybody but I will outwork just about anybody.
I smile. It doesn’t cost you a thing. Who wants to be around a frowny face? The business of government is about people. If you don’t like people, find yourself another line of work. And BE NICE! It’s nice to be important but it is important to be nice.”
2016 Motto: Notice what’s good and raise a flag over it!