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#758 Action is Eloquent

Posted by frank April - 24 - 2017 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

Here is the test. It is only 5 questions, 20 points each. If you don’t get 100%, as David Spade said in Tommy Boy, “Hit yourself in the head with a ballpeen hammer.”

1. Is getting enough sleep good for you?
2. Is smoking cigarettes bad for you?
3. Does regular exercise help to improve your health?
4. Should fast food be the staple of your diet?
5. Should you save any money for retirement?

Grading Key (Duh)
1. Yes!
2. Yes!
3. Yes!
4. No!
5. Yes!

The point is that we know what all know what to do. The issue lies between the knowing and the doing.

“ACTION is Eloquent”. Shakespeare

“I don’t feel like it”, or “Maybe tomorrow” is the ruination of many a plan and is what is in between the knowing and the doing.

We know what to do. We just allow feelings to get in the way. As Dr. Rob says, “It is the start that stops most people.”

Here is what I’ve learned; Start the action and the feelings will follow. Most folks don’t feel like exercising until they are actually exercising for a few minutes. It’s that way with most things. If you wait to feel like it I am afraid you will be right where you are now wondering why you can’t make a change.

2017 Motto “Daily disciplines create desired outcomes”

#757 The World is a Mirror

Posted by frank April - 17 - 2017 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

How people respond to you is a strong indication of your own attitude.  Long before we had language we were already in packs communicating through facial expressions and posturing.  We still do that today.
I remember a great example of this.  Many years ago a coworker told me that I looked angry when he came to work in the morning.  I wasn’t angry but when I thought about it, I realized that because I was in early, I was already in “work mode” when people came in and my face had a big “do not disturb” look on it.
The problem wasn’t that I felt unwelcoming but my posture and attitude were way out in front of my feelings pushing people away.
I made a conscious adjustment to open up my face and my stance and it worked.
A few years ago I had a motto that said, the world is a big mirror reflecting back the face you bring it every day.  It is an amazing truth.
2017 Motto…Daily disciplines create desired outcomes

#756 Opinions or Validation?

Posted by frank April - 10 - 2017 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

Are you seeking opinions or validation? Do you really want to know what I think or are you polling the world looking for votes?

We hear a lot about open architecture in software. What I recommend is open architecture for our brains. I want us to constantly seek information and opinions without leading people toward our opinion.

Great and useful information can come from anywhere. When I was training for a marathon the best running advice I got came from a guy in a wheelchair.

The problem is that when we are challenged in our thought process we often knock on doors seeking validation or our idea. We ask leading questions hoping to gather enough yeses to solidify our concept and move forward with what we want. Sycophants and naysayers both offer less than good advice when led.
Great questioning, of people from various disciplines, adds up to better decision-making than validation does.

2017 Motto…”Daily disciplines create desired outcomes.”

#755 Water on a Rock

Posted by frank April - 3 - 2017 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

Many would think that big choices like quitting your job or moving to a new city are what changes the course of your life but it is the little things, day by day, that shape life.

Like water dripping on a rock, over time, an unchangeable grove is formed.

Joey was fit in college. He ran a few times a week, played hoops with his friends and hit the gym many days between classes.
When Joey got a job on Wall St., he decided he would put the gym on hold for a year or so and focus on his career. He still played ball with friends every couple of weeks and made it a point to jog on Saturday and Sunday. That helped Joey to only gain about 10lbs in that first year after school.
The guys from the job went out for drinks most nights and invited Joey along. Wings, beers and nachos added another ten. Still, Joey wasn’t really fat and anyway, who looks the same as they did in college?
Joey met a girl and spent most weekends with her. Jogging got in the way of sleeping in and going to brunch so he gave it up.
Once they married and the kids came along even the occasional hoops game went away.

Joey is about 40lbs overweight, eats a sandwich or a slice at his desk most days and still manages to go out for drinks a few times a month. He never made a decision to put on 40lbs, become sedentary and a prime candidate for a heart attack, but he did decide to stop jogging, playing ball and going to the gym. He has accepted the 40lbs as part of aging without ever thinking that he actually DECIDED to gain weight and put his health at risk when he made those small decisions over the course of his life.

2017 Motto: Daily disciplines create desired outcomes

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