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#750 Help or Hurt?

Posted by frank February - 27 - 2017 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

Takers may eat better but givers always sleep better. 
I was working with a seasoned sales professional last week and we drifted in to a conversation about abusing trust and taking advantage of customers.  We all know that in many businesses (including mine) all people do not pay the same price for the goods they buy.  I learned this early on when I watched my Dad negotiate the price of a leather jacket in the almost third world market on Orchard St in the lower east side of Manhattan.  The price marked on the jacket was just a place to start.  The price Dad paid was not the same as the price some other person would pay that day.  The outcome was dependent on negotiating skills and who had a stronger desire.  Did the seller need the sale more than the buyer wanted the coat?
Chris (the seasoned professional I mentioned) and I are both in a position to set prices where we can and make as much profit as we deem fair and that the client and competition will allow us to make.  But is that really the case?  Are we supposed to make as much profit as the client and competition will allow?
The answer is NO.  Making a fair profit for the goods and services you provide is the blueprint of a free market economy but price gauging, lying, cutting corners, taking advantage of naivety, or welching on promises are not ways to make a larger profit.  They are ways to make an UNFAIR profit.
What I liked about working with Chris is that he gets that.  He approaches the selling process as I do and as all good sales professionals do; to help.  When your motivation is to help, and you lead with sincerity, it is much more likely that the client will accept your help and expertise and be willing to pay a fair price for the goods and services you offer.
2017 Motto…”Daily disciplines create desired outcomes.”

#749 Peace is Harder than War

Posted by frank February - 21 - 2017 - Tuesday 1 COMMENT

• Acceptance is harder than judgment.
• Patience is harder than frustration.
• Responding is harder than reacting.

The first word in these statements, the one that’s harder, takes thought and practice.

It’s easy to judge based on what the surface shows you. It’s easy to quit anything in frustration, like a two year old, throwing a toy he can’t operate. It’s easy to let anger flare up and shout whatever insults come to mind when someone insults or hurts you first.

It’s hard to say, “I don’t know what I don’t know” and give someone the benefit of the doubt.
It’s hard to take a deep breath, quiet the voice in your head, and refocus when a project has gone off the rails.
It’s hard to stop and think about the effect your words might have before you say them; especially in a heated situation.

Like most things, not smoking, eating right, exercising, doing your taxes, cleaning out the garage, or mending the fence, acceptance, patience and responsiveness are harder in the moment but will make you happier and healthier in the long term.

2017 Motto: Daily disciplines create desired outcomes

#748 Toward of Away?

Posted by frank February - 13 - 2017 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

How are your resolutions holding up? How well are you walking down your 2017 goals?

A lot of factors go in to sticking to things like resolutions and goals.

Change is tough.

Here is something I learned in NLP that helps me with this. People tend to lean either toward or away. Meaning some people are primarily motivated by the promise of gain while others are primarily motivated by the fear of loss. Notice that I said primarily because we all have both of these motivations inside of us. Fear of loss is usually more powerful and more prevalent. Most people would be more motivated to run into a burning house to grab the money stuffed in the mattress (fear of loss) than they would be to save the money in the first place (promise of gain)

Goals and resolutions are usually written with “toward” language. We set goals with the promise of gain firmly in mind.

In order to convert your resolutions from Teflon to Velcro, I’d like you to add a pain statement. The pain statement should be emotionally evocative and have lots of imagery attached to it. For example if you have a goal to save $5000 this year in your retirement fund, the pain statement could relate to NOT becoming like someone you know who is impoverished and uncomfortable in retirement. You would imagine yourself to be like them in your old age, (sitting in a small, dilapidated room, in a stained, threadbare, chair, wearing torn pajamas and a old robe, eating cold spaghetti out of a can) This kind of overblown visualization of the pain associated with not hitting your goal can help you to find the discipline to stick to your plan and save that dough.

2017 Motto: Daily disciplines create desired outcomes

#747 Programming

Posted by frank February - 6 - 2017 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

When you think of something and subsequently believe it, your subconscious mind is constantly searching for evidence to prove you right.

This works in a number of ways but most importantly regarding self-esteem and goal setting.

If you believe you are inferior in some aspect of your life, your subconscious will remind you of all of the reasons you believe that. It will tell you about what you haven’t gotten done. It will comment about perceived problem areas, reminding you of the times you’ve tried and failed to improve them, and it will compare you to others. The comparisons are most unfair because you are comparing “insides to outsides”; what you think about yourself (insides) to what you ASSUME is the life someone else is living (outsides).

The same subconscious can work in your favor because it only sees what we predict it will see. It looks to prove us right (even about being wrong!) and is constantly scanning for evidence and useful bits of information to come to a conclusion about the thoughts we give it. Set a goal that is measureable and time-bound and place it prominently in your mind by reading it often, visualizing the outcome and creating a burning desire to achieve it, and your subconscious mind will scour the planet looking for support to make that goal happen.

Thoughts are things. Be careful what you wish for…

2017 Motto…”Daily disciplines create desired outcomes.”

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