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#741 Did you just hijack my conversation?

Posted by frank December - 19 - 2016 - Monday 1 COMMENT

Another reminder: Crafting a motto for next year needs to happen now. My cousin Steve turned me on to creating a motto that articulates some of my intention for the year. Some of you have adopted this practice as well. If you haven’t I encourage you to do so. I am happy to help with this so reach out if you want to kick some ideas around.

I called someone last week to tell him some news about me and get his opinion about something I am working on. I had hardly uttered a sentence when a word I used triggered a thought in his mind and he began a discourse about his life and all of the bothersome bits that were rankling him at the moment. It may have been five minutes but it felt like twenty. I honestly can’t tell you much about what was said because I wasn’t listening. I just kept thinking, “Did you just hijack my conversation? Didn’t I call YOU to speak about something that was on MY mind? I never did get to tell him what that was.

Listening is an awesome and underutilized skill.

Relating is a good thing. It’s nice to show understanding by matching something you’re told with something you’ve done or feel but good listeners follow that up with a question that prompts the speaker to continue with his subject.

There are two quotes, relating to this, that I love.
“No one cares what you know until they know that you care.”
And my favorite is “No one ever said, I hate that guy! All he ever does is listen to me!”

2016 Motto: Notice what’s good and raise a flag over it!

Character or Reputation #739

Posted by frank December - 5 - 2016 - Monday ADD COMMENTS

Always be more focused on character than reputation. Gossip is a force of nature. People like to talk about people. There are hundreds of shows and magazines focusing on the trials and tribulations of celebrities. If there weren’t a market to consume this, they wouldn’t exist.

Reputations are often built on perception but character is who you know you are, regardless of reputation.

A rather well off man, who dresses beautifully and is perfectly coiffed, declines when asked to donate to a local charity in his town. Word gets around and folks say, “Well of course he has money. If I were that selfish I’d have money too.”
In the grocery store he declines the extra dollar they ask for to help wipe out hunger. The grocery clerk looks at his nice suit, measures his refusal to contribute and labels him “an elitist who doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself”

Having lost his 5-year-old sister to Leukemia he decided early on that he would give all he could to researching that disease. His contributions have grown over the years and he is particularly happy this year because he has seen significant improvements in treatment and has managed to give more than 10% of his substantial gross income to The Children’s Leukemia Foundation.

2016 Motto Notice what’s good and raise a flag over it!

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